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We welcome you to South Africa!

Footprints in Africa is a tour operator / agency operating out of the Pretoria / Johannesburg Region.

Join our small tour group and explore a wildlife National Park, a township or museums 

Share our cultural diversity while exploring our natural beauty and amaze yourself. 
We don’t just expose Wildlife, we explore our heritage, our culture, people, wealth and our future.

Interact with Lions, Girraffe and Elephants or humans

Go 700 m down in a working  Diamond mine, the world's only operation of its kind 

Learn work and play, amaze, sing, dance and most of all have fun. 

Experienced, highly competent safari guides, good quality food and equipment, 
Comfortable and reliable vehicles.

An environmentally educative and social responsible approach with minimal carbon offset is our aim on all our safari's, with local communities benefiting from all operations in their region in a variety of local benifitionary programs, and a chance for you to make a true difference in the lives of many.

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