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Client feedback



September 2016


We had the utmost pleasure of going on a 2 day safari trip to Pilanesberg arranged by Footprints in Africa. We owe a great thanks to Lindi who arranged the tour for us and amended it to suit our schedule. We were picked up at O.R Tambo international airport after our plane from London arrived on saturday morning and were driven straight to Pilanesberg. Our driver/game driver, Brahm gave us a lot of information during the 2 1/2 drive to Pilanesberg about South Africa in general as we passed various gold mines and quarries on our way.

When we arrived at Pilanesberg Brahm started the Game drive. It was fantastic. Brahm is a very experienced Game driver and has a vast knowledge of all the animals we encountered. We saw Hippos, Imapalas, Wilderbeasts, Elefants, Kudus, Girafs and various other small animals. At 5 pm we were given our chalet and then went on a open sunset game drive with the Pilanesberg Rangers. It was amazing and the ranger managed to find a Leopard, which is rare. We also saw black rhinos with a baby, elefants with babys and Girafs. We had signed up for an open sunrise gamedrive the next morning so we started out a 5.15 am sunday morning. We were fortunate to find another leopard, three cheetas but no lions. The open game drives were interesting and we covered a lot of mileage whilst bumping round in the truck. After breakfast the game drive was with Footprints in Africa and our new game driver Hanlize was very pleasant and we loved her dry sense of humor. Hanlize was very good at spotting animals and finally we encountered upon a lion. Hanlize simply shut off the engine and we stayed put and looked at the sleeping lion. The lion woke up and started stretching and licking its teeth. Finally it got up and started walking. Hanlize followed the Lion for about 200 m. The game driving was at a slower pace and we spotted so many animals. We agreed with Hanlize that we would like aim for Girafs, Elefants, Rhinos, Lions, Leopard and Cheetas, and not stop for impalas, wilderbeasts etc. We went on til about 4 pm and then headed back to Pretoria.

We had a fantastic trip and we can only give Footprints in Africa our sincere and warmest recommendations.

Naja M


13 June 2016
Charl & Mark
Had the best time ever with you guys in Kruger. Sleeping out in the wild was an experience we never forget. 
We agree - a big camp fire and a bottle of Old Brown Sherry can not be separated.
The fact that we slept warm during one of the coldest winter nights is a huge bonus.
You guys rock  'braai masters supreme"
O yes the animal sightings was also amazing - so close to the Lion, Elephants, Rhino and Buffalo and the wild dogs.
Mark - I still wonder how did you spot that leopard 
Dad will now never give me his car to go for a drive in the bush after what you guys did with the Landy  
Sabrina ,Jack, Callum, Becky and Saskia


15 May 2016
Dear Miranda and Francois,

We had a wonderful trip. Thank you for composing it in this variety of places to see and accommodations. We enjoyed everything. And thank you very much for sending Mark with us. He is an excellent guide who is farseeing, patient and careful. Thanks to him we learned a lot about nature and became aware of things we would not have discovered on our own. He did a very good job.
May God bless your family and your business . Greetings to the children and to everybody in the house.
Yours Ralf and Stephanie

11 April 2016

Hi this is to say that Steve Beck and myself have been very satisfied of our trip to Swazi and Kruger last week-end. Mark did an excellent job and is a very pleasant person to have as a guide for 2-3 days. The trip was well adapted to business people like us. Still, I now have in mind a longer trip with my family during some holidays and of course I would be thinking about your company. Best regards,
Marc Auboin, Switzerland

Mambo Group March 2016                                                                  
Our 16 day trip was.... epic.                                                                    

The guides, the food, the adventure - totally Prima

Had the best time ever
Wanna come back for the Zim & Bots trip

Thanks for also sorting out our forward travels with flight tickets and Baz Bus tickets.
Great service  

Francois - Feb  2016
Our Pilanesberg safari was very good thank you.
I unfortunately got sick, so couldn’t participate in all the game drives – but both the lodge and guide Brahm were very kind. The lodge was a very nice place.

Please give our regards to Brahm – He did an excellent job!

Dear Francois Jan 2016

Thank you for putting together such an unforgettable tour around your beautiful country. Both Marcela and I truly enjoyed it!!! 

The tour was very well organized and we appreciate your help in choosing accommodations with AC and suitable for my wife's condition.

Mark was very kind and helpful throughout the trip, he was especially engaged during the first three days of the tour.
I will definitely recommend Footprints in Africa to anyone who is planning to visit South Africa.
Wish you a very happy 2016!!!
David and Marcela
[Quoted text hidden]

David Urbaneja-Furelos

May 2013
I went with them to Pilanesberg on safari and had a great day out. lunch was really good and the fact that we stayed in the park till close time meant that we saw so much in the last hour of daylight.
Will definitely recommend this tour . Samantha -

May 2013
A colleague recommend them for Jo'burg & Soweto as he went on tour with them when he was here for business in January. KG my guide for the day was absolutely fantastic and what a way to end my trip to South Africa. Keep the passion KG
Jim Davis - USA

June 2013
We only had 3 days and really wanted to go to Kruger Park. They arranged all within 24 hours of departure @ a price better than everywhere we looked.
Best time ever. Sarah & Mike UK

July 2013
Dear François,
I know that you have nothing in common today,except, very modestly me, that the reason why I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful opportunity you gave me to discover your country and to meet with so interesting people.
Who knows, may be, in a next future, you will have the chance to work together, then you will have something in common
Prof JL Romette

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